Thursday, January 31, 2013


It is thirstday and today is the last day of January 2013.  We have walked 31 days into 2013.  How is your New Year Resolution so far ?  If you are doing nothing about your new year resolutions, perhaps it is time to revisit the list and do something about it.  I don't call mine new year resolutions. Instead I called mine the personal goals for 2013.  So far I have been doing it consistently and daily. Of course revisiting the list every now and then, so as to achieve it.  

Fashionably yours have been pretty busy with work.  Of course I eat and I shop too.  It is 9 days to CNY.  How is your CNY preparations and shoppings ?  I bought 3 dresses for CNY as at todate and counting (if I can find some nice clothes that catches my eyes).  Oh yes, need to do some spring cleaning too next week.  Now I am busy clearing my office work so that I can go on my CNY leave next week.  Looking forward to my CNY leave.  Actually need to clear annual leave, so might as well clear it during CNY period since have tons of CNY preparations and stuff to do at home.  CNY is a very busy affair for my household. Have lots of relatives visitings at my house and my family also have some visitings too.

Anyway have been listening to lots of CNY songs played on radio lately.  Very happy listening to it and kinda have the CNY atmosphere.  I must say I don't really like the CNY decorations at Chinatown for this year, though the organiser has put in much effort into it.  Greatly appreciated but not my cup of tea....oops.

OK so tiring from working so hard in the office. Now need to knock off work soon to go home to rest.  Great tomorrow is Friday and the weekend is here soon.  Yippee..... 

Have a nice weekend everyone.  Thanks for reading and supporting my blog.  Greatly appreciated from the bottom of my heart.

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