Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Allergic itchy skin attack

Fashionably yours skin is so sensitive and itchy since last Friday night till now.  It is so itchy that I keep scratching it.  I have seen my company doctor twice, once on NYE and second time is today, but not recovered yet.  The first doctor prescribed me with some anti histamine and adviced me not to eat seafood including fish.  My last allergic itchy skin attack was in 2008.

This morning I woke up with very itchy skin again, whole body and face also itchy,  so I went to see another company doctor. She said this itchy skin could be triggered by some smell or something in the air which I come into contact with.  This doctor also prescribed with some anti histamine and adviced me to shower with pH balance soap free shower gel till my skin calm down.  Can still continue with my usual moisturisers but don't apply any new products to my skin.  Thus I bought this. Hope it helps to calm my skin down.

Fashionably yours is still scratching my body, left, right and centre, while I am blogging this. My daddy said my itchy skin is so scary, please don't go out to scare people off.  Dear God, I pray that my itchy and sensitive skin will recover soonest possible.  Amen. 

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