Sunday, February 28, 2010

Hot Hot Hot Sunday

Today is the last day of February and also the last day of the Lunar New Year.  March onwards gonna be madness and stressful at work.  The peak period is coming again...all the things come together.  Well just have to breathe in breath out and do it, one thing at a time. 

Today is mad hot.  Even the water from the tap is hot.  It was really so hot that fashionably yours just don't feel like moving at all. I just want to sit still at one corner with the fan on and stoned there.  The heat is driving me crazy.  The weatherman said it is 35 degree celsius.  Hoping for some rain and breeze.  I can smell some burning smell in the air.  Hearing so many people saying that the haze is back.  Wondering how true it is, but fashionably yours did sneeze, has watery eyes and dripping nose since Friday night. All these has subsided by now.  I am allergic to dust and air pollution.  Hope the haze go away.

Just read the Sunday Times about Kids having spa massage, pedicure and manicure session.  I don't think the kids should go for all these treats.  It seems to rob them of their childhood and making them grow up faster.  Afterall the money the parents spent on these treats for their kids could have channel to some more worthy causes.  There are some kids in some countries who starves and yet the kids here are so pampered by all these treats.  I wouldn't recommend kids to do manicure, pedicure and massage, even if it is just for special occasion.  It is not appropriate and seems to be teaching them to be materialistic at such a young age.  They should be entitled to their kids world and childhood.  Afterall kids are innocent.  Parents should not expose the kids to such things at such a young age.  Just my 2 cents worth of opinion on it.

Alrighty enough said, gonna enjoy the rest of my lazy Sunday before Manic Mondaze. 

Have a great week and March 2010 ahead everyone.

Cheers :)

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