Sunday, February 21, 2010


Last Friday celebrated bestie gf buddy J-san birthday lunch at Marche at 313 Somerset with Lemon-san and Seng-san.  It was not crowded while we were there. 

At Marche

Marche Guest Card

Fashionably yours at Marche

Lemon-san crepe

bestie gf buddy J-san grilled pork

Seng-san smoke salmon special set lunch of the day 
My rossti with sour cream

My mushroom soup
My slice of bread with butter

We ate till very full...yummy.  Now I am craving for spaghetti, pastas, salad and the rossti.  OMG ! keep thinking about food.  Well my new year resolution is to gain some weight.  I have been eating alot nowadays and hoping to gain weight.

Yawning...time for my beauty sleep and can keep dreaming about food in my sleep. Nite nite everyone and sweet dreams.

Have a beautiful Sunday.

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