Monday, May 11, 2009

Rainy Monday

Hope your weekend was good. It is a nice and cooling Monday. It rained cats and dogs in the late morning. Fashionably yours love rain. In fact, miss the rainy weather because the last few days the weather was so extremely hot. Hope it will be this nice and cooling weather tonight too for a good night sleep. OMG ! it is only late afternoon and fashionably yours is already thinking of my bed. Well, must be the nice and cooling weather that makes me thinking of my bed.

Munching cashew nuts, honey macademia nuts and abalone macademia nuts in the office, which my colleague bought back from Sydney. Nutty nutty days.....yummy.....Just finished my fruits and now making earl grey tea to drink.

Life is good though busy at work. Lots of projects in the pipeline. Guess is good to be busy in these times. Nevertheless take a short break to blog here and now back to my work and drink my hot tea.

Have a nice week ahead everyone :)

P.S. Can smell my lavender aromatherapy which fashionably yours is burning now. Love it : )

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