Saturday, May 23, 2009

Enjoying life

It is the weekend....Hurray....well well well, fashionably yours have been so busy during the weekdays and cannot find the time to blog. Just realized I can only update my blog during the weekend. Am I becoming the weekend blogger ? I hope not. I want to constantly update my blog for my dear weblogders.

The week is kind of happening. Took afternoon leave last Thursday to visit my hairstylist for a new look, together with bestie. I had a hair cut, colour, highlight and treatment. It was very relaxing with the hair massage. Spent about 3 hours at the salon together with bestie, but kind of fun because we chat and laughed alot, though we felt kind of sleepy in between. Luckily we have each other to laugh and talk to, otherwise really can fall asleep during the hair session. I like my new hair style. After we were done with our hair session, we proceed to redeem some vouchers at the customer service counter since we spent a certain amount and entitled us to play spin the wheel game.

We had lots of fun spinning the wheels....spin and spin and spin....Then in total we have 28 tokens. I exchanged 13 tokens for a cute little yellow bear. While bestie exchanged the balance of the tokens for a rubic cube and a note pad.

My cutie little yellow bear which I
exchanged for 13 tokens
to bring him home
What shall I name him ?
Little cutie bear saying Hi to everyone
Please suggests some name for me. Thanks.

We were so hungry after spinning the wheel, so we went to Ichiban Boshi at Suntec for Japanese dinner. Yes we love Japanese food. It was not crowded and no quene, so we were showed to our table once we reached the restaurant.

Bestie dinner bento set
Some beef skewers

My dinner bento set
Healthy bento set
I love the fresh salmon sashimi and chawan mushi

Both of us ate till very full. We asked the waitress will the fruits be watermelon as shown on the menu. She told us only oranges will be served instead of watermelon. I told bestie that they served us oranges instead of watermelons the last time when we dined there. I think they are cutting cost on the fruits because oranges are cheaper compared to watermelons. We would prefer to eat watermelons.
Two of us really enjoying life on a Thursday afternoon while our colleagues were working hard in the office. Our weekend starts on Thursday, to the salon to do our hair, then to our yummy Japanese dinner. It is good to go to the mall during weekdays because less crowded and get better service as compared to the weekends. We don't like the weekend crowds at the malls.
Fashionably yours have a very bad case of throat infections and sore throat. Seen the company doctor and was prescribed anti-biotics on Friday. However still not fully recovered yet. Think I talked to much in the office and worsen my throat conditions. My voice changed too. I want my original voice to be back and the pain pain go away asap. Have been drinking lots of h20.
My anti-biotics

Actually Fashionably yours is supposed to be at the hottest party in town dancing now and not blogging here. I have complimentary VIP tickets to the hottest party in town. However due to my sore throat, I decided to stay home to rest and here I am updating my blog. I miss the party this time but never mind, I must recover asap so that I can go to the next party and dancing the night away.
Now here are some udpates on shoppings in town :
Received John Little pamphets informing there is a 20% off storewide on 27 May (Wed) and 28 May (Thur) for Cardmembers only. So those of you who are Robinson cardmembers can go and get some nice bargains.
Received Tangs pamplets informing there is a 12% rebate on 27 May (Wed) - closed door sale and 28 May (Thur) for cardmembers.
Takashimaya also has 4-day special from 28 May (Thur) to 31 May (Sun) of additional 10% discount off for Taka credit & cash smart cardholders (min spent of SGD10 nett)
BodyShop also have their weekly specials in-store sales, so pop by to find out more bargains. You can also visit their website at to check it out.
If anyone of you have any news on sales in town, please share with me here. The Great Singapore Sales (GSS) is here now, so here we go shoppings. Remember only buy what we need and don't be so tempted by the SALES.
Happy Shoppings :)

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