Monday, January 25, 2010

Last week of Jan 2010

Time flies and we are now in the last week of January 2010.  Have you been keeping up to your New Year Resolutions so far ?  So far I have been keeping up to my New Year Resolutions, eating more greens and being eco-friendly. Will keep going on this.

Phew ! fashionably yours has done so many many things in this month.  Been to the dentist twice - 1st trip for scaling and polishing on 7 Jan 2010 and today is my 2nd trip to the dentist for filling.  Have been having some gums problems and hope it has been fixed today. 

Last Thursday fashionably yours went to the spa for my full body massage, facial and did my bikini waxing.  So rejuvenating and refreshing after the body massage.  Waxing was painful though bearable.  I think I don't have the threshold of pain to do brazilian waxing as of now. If you have done any brazilian waxing, feel free to share with me your experience and where did you get it done ? I salute those friends of mine who did their brazilian waxing monthly.  

Today is also one of my colleague last day of service.  She is leaving to further her Master degree.  Wish her all the best.  Another friend is migrating to Sydney and flying off tonight.  Another one is migrating to New Zealand soon.  Oh many friends are migrating but I love Singapore.  Good security and clean city though sometimes the weather is too hot. 

Oops...I heard my stomach grumbling....foodie time...yes I am going for my late dinner now. 

Have a nice week ahead everyone and thanks for reading this and supporting my blog. 

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