Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Lunch time retail therapy

Yesterday the shopaholic in me hit the mall again and had an enjoyable retail therapy at OG Orchard during my lunch hour.  Shopped happily.  Actually just to purchase what I need for my daily use.  The rule applies - buy what you need, not what you want. Budget, budget budget......Fashionably yours bought a new bling bling handphone pouch.

My new bling bling handphone pouch

Besides this handphone pouch, also bought a bottle of Fancl Limited Editon Mild Cleansing Oil which comes in a beautiful pink bottle and a free small bottle of cleansing powder.  This is my favourite make up cleansing oil....love it....Lastly bought some lingeries before returning to office to work. 

It was such a breeze to shop because it was not crowded at all.  No quene at cashier too. I really love my new handphone pouch.  Looking at it brings smile to my face.

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