Friday, January 22, 2010

Relationships between Men and Women

I simply don't understand some people at times.  How can  they get in and get out of a relationship so fast.  Are they serious or just player in a relationship ?  I see some people fall in love so fast and the next moment they are out of love.  The next few moments they have hooked up with someone else.  I happened to know someone who was still in the midst of processing his divorce but have already found a new girlfriend.  It is absolutely fine to date but don't you think one should give himself or herself some time to get over a relationship before they date someone new. 

From my encounter, I find men are the one who need companion more than women. Men can't wait to find a new partner or rather they need someone to satisfy their sex drive soonest possible.  I just feel that breakups are hard and hurting so in order not to get anyone hurt, it is better to be sure before leaping and commiting into a new relationship.   

It is good to date to get to know each other better before progressing further.  It is a wonderful feeling to fall in love, to love and to be loved.  On the other hand, falling out of love is so heartaching.  Seems like men are the one who will linger on the past relationships and find it hard to let go and move on, compared to women.  Women are the stronger sex in terms character. They get over a relationship faster than men generally.  Let go and move on.  

If you met someone you really like and think you wanna spend the rest of your life with him or her, go after your happiness by all means.  Good Luck.

Feel free to share your point of view, if any, no hard feelings.  Thanks.

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