Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Celebrate the simple life everyday

Time flies and it has been about 8 months since fashionably yours last blogged.  Thank you for supporting my blog despite not blogging for so long.  Well fashionably yours is excellent, as usual, doing the normal stuff, such as eat, sleep and of course working.  However am very busy working that I don't have much time to shop.  In a good way is I cut down my expenses since not much time to shop.  Yes I still do shop but only buy what I need and not wants. 

Glad I took the leap of faith in my profession.  Not gonna discuss about work here but just feel that I have grown and learnt a lot during the last six months and counting.  Things that I would not have come acrossed if I had stayed in my old division.  One thing for sure is change is constant.  We must always adapt to it.  If you don't add value anymore in what you are doing, it means time to move on. 

In fact, one doesn't need much to survive, just the basic will do.  Sun, fresh air and clean water.  I am grateful when I could open my eyes everyday when I wake up in the morning to breathe the fresh air and see the ray of sun shining through my windows or listen to the rhythm of the falling rain.  We can be happy everyday living the simple life.  One don't need to own many branded goods or attend the most posh events and parties in town to be happy.  What does happiness mean to you ?  To me, being alive is happiness :)  Simplicity is bliss and I enjoy my privacy. 

Met my workspouse for lunch last week and he told me that I am looking better than last time.  It glows on my face. Yes indeed though my new role has kept me super busy yet fashionably yours has gained about 4kg since moving to my new division for only about six months.  I organised  lots of corporate events and so much eating *LOL*   If anyone of you have any good food caterers, feel free to recommend to me because I am in charge of ordering yummy food for our corporate events.

Oh la la......talking about food at this wee hour. Oh my.....making my tummy growling.  Nevertheless I just had some kettle brand honey Dijon chips which is my favourite. I think my favourite past time is eating nowadays.  Recently there is the launch of a famous donut outlet at Orchard Road. I shall not mention the name here since they are not asking me to endorse.  I find it amusing seeing people lining up before the store open for business.  It is only donuts, don't get too excited.  There are better things to do than to form line. Maybe Singaporean favourite past time is lining up.  They can line up for lots of stuff, such as buying iphone, ipad, donuts, fast food hello kitty, etc.......With so much training on lining up, can they line up properly when boarding the bus and train ? hmm....not so sure on this though hahaha......

Besides working, fashionably yours enjoy cooking simple and healthy food. It helps me to destress.   Perhaps I should blog about my cooking someday and post pictures to share recipes.  Just now I cooked spinach and mushroom soup.  Yummy.

Fashionably yours took leave on Monday to rest and relax, enjoy this long weekend,  Have been working so hard.  Hence glad to take this short break for a breather.  Wishing all Muslims friends Selamat Hari Raya Haji. Happy holidays to the rest of my friends and readers.

Let's celebrate the simple life everyday.


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