Tuesday, November 5, 2013

My foot update

I don't feel like sleeping yet. Yes I know it is late but somehow I don't feel like sleeping yet.  I love the night because it is so dark, quiet and peaceful.  Simply enjoying the silence of the night.

Just now I went to see doctor for my injured foot again. In fact, a follow up. It has not recovered and still am limping around.  The doctor told me the xray showed my foot has torn tendons, torn muscles, torn ligaments and a sprain except fractures. No need to see specialist.   It may take up to 3 months to fully recovered. Was told to be more patience, walk less, rest, rest, rest and more rest in order to heal faster.  I told the doctor my foot injury is since Hari Raya Haji till Deepavali is over and not yet recovered.  I am so upset.  I want my foot to be recovered fully now.

I would say it is healing but not fully recovered yet.  Still walking super slow and limping.  Dr taped my toes last week.  I cannot walk too long and foot feel weak.  If walk too long, will feel painful.

Well thanks to bestie to share with me a link just now for eating to a speedy recovery.  Click here for it. I ate lots of salmon and spinach. Hope it will speed up my recovery of my injured foot.   

Somehow I feel tired now and wanna sleep.  Later will have tons of work to do. 

Good night and sweet dreams everyone.

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