Thursday, November 7, 2013

Intestine Infection

Fashionably yours caught intestine infections.  I was so sick that I couldn't eat, loss of appetite, tummy churning lots of gas, high fever of 38 degree and had diarrhea umpteen times.  Went to see a doctor downstairs my place and prescribed with antibiotics - ciproflaxin.  It helps in a way.  However still very gassy tummy while blogging this.  The doctor told me that she saw about 20 patients before me also having about the same problems as me.  Seems like the germs is in the air and I could have caught it while seeing doctor for my right foot injury at the polyclinic.  One should always use the hand sanitizer and wear a mask at the polyclinic which I didn't.  Sigh....

So from my right foot injury and now to the intestine infection.  Poor me.  Praying for a speedy recovery.  In view of my current condition, I view being able to walk and eat is a blessing.  Don't take for granted the normal everyday activities that we are able to perform.  

So basically now my diet is to drink more fluid, such as 100 plus, clear soup and need to eat plain porridge while recovering from this intestine infection.  The doctor told me if I still have diarrhea later, I must go polyclinic to do a stool test and blood test.  I hope I don't have to do this, finger crossing.  Well right now I am still wondering is it true a lot of people are down with intestine infection and/or food poisoning now ? 

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