Saturday, November 16, 2013

Why do you blog

Have you ever asked yourself this question :  Why do you blog ?

Some blog for fame, money, etc.  It can turn things ugly if one is not careful.  I blog because I wanna share my life and learn from each other.  Not for fame nor monetary. Of course the latter would be a bonus and endorsements of products are welcome too. 

If your blog is of good substances, people will read so you don't have to boost or promote your blog. It is all a word of mouth.  I believe all people are smart and can decipher themselves in time to come which blogs are of good substances and worth their time reading.  As long as one is sincere in their blog is good enough.  Don't need to twist and turn so drama mama and use bombastic words.  Keep it simple, easy and pleasure to read.   

That is my two cents worth and feel free to answer the question : Why do you blog ?

Thanks and have a nice weekend. 

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