Thursday, November 14, 2013


So miserable being down with gastric flu (intestine infections) since last Wednesday till now.  I just wanna quickly recovered from it.  I still have fever fluctuating and it reaches 37.8 degree celsius just now while I was at the clinic seeing doctor.  Tummy is trapping lots of wind and feel so bloated.  So uncomfortable.  Still on light diet.  I am missing all the good food, eg. laksa yong tau foo.  Doctor said this virus is so strong that my fever shot up so high.  I hate this gastric flu.  Let me be well and fit again asap.  Need to drink isotonic so I bought 100 plus edge the non gassy type just now.

It has been a looooong time since I become so sick.  I think I need to rest properly.  Hence took 2 days of leave to rest at home.  Resting means sleeping and no work.  I need to rest, sleep, relax and not tense so that my body can recuperate to recover fast.  Stress and tense can make one tummy trap wind, according to the doctor.  In fact, the doctor advised me to relax.  She encourages me to take up Qigong.  Does anyone know where is conducting qigong classes in Singapore near Holland Village area,  If yes, please let me know. Am keen to take up.  I think should be able to do qigong despite my foot injury is on the recovery stage. Or perhaps later when my foot injury is in  much better stage.

Actually I wanna sign up for zumba class but since my foot injury. It has been shelved. Now time to take up qigong.   Gonna zzzzzzz and rest more so that I can get well soonest possible. 

My gastric flu medicines

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