Monday, March 22, 2010

Movie marathon and shoppings

Today is my off day.  Fashionably yours have been enjoying my super long weekends since last Thursday.  Yippee....enjoying myself all the way.  Doing things I like and spending ME time.  I can sleep anytime I like and wake up anytime I like on my off day.  Just do what I wanna and enjoy doing.  Love this type of lifestyle.  No hurrying and no pushing around.  Taking my own sweet time.  However I still check my office emails and shooting emails here and there.  It is gonna be busy soon at work. 

I just watched 2 movies this afternoon.  Watched English movie - 28 days and Japanese movie - Dive.  Very nice show.   Fashionably yours just had movie marathon this afternoon.  Well yes I ate my favourite Merci chocolates and Meiji Yogurt while watching the movie.  I enjoyed Dive more compared to 28 days.  Love the soundtrack too. Gonna look for it.  Though they are old movies but is ok for me, as long as I can watch it when I am free anytime I like.  Must follow my pace and not me follow the movie's timing.  Yes follow me, fashionably yours' timing.  

My favourite Merci chocolates 
my yummy Merci chocolates
Now to update my shoppings which I did last week.
Bought the new ZA 2-way cake foundation from Watsons
Yet to use but soon after I finished using my current L'oreal true match 2 way cake
The new ZA 2-way cake descriptions behind the box

Boguht this Appetite magazine - March 2010 from Kinokuniya

FREE Gryphon tea worth SGD12.35

My hot cup of Gryphon tea
Bought AMICA - March 2010
from Times The bookshop
and get this set of Keratase FREE
worth SGD45.00
Last week had the strawberry waffle from Prima Deli

Gonna search for DIVE soundtrack now.  Have a great week ahead everyone.  Cheers :)

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