Monday, March 15, 2010

Enjoying the simple life

One moment, it rains and the next moment is sunshine today.  At least the weather is cooling and breezy.  Fashionably yours is off today.   I don't have Mondazzz Bluezzz.  Woke up anytime I like after I had enough of my beauty sleep.  Thereafter had a late breakfast of tuna sandwiches and a late lunch of Porridge with some sides dishes of an egg, vegetables and tofu.  It is comfort food since it was raining this afternoon.

This afternoon, I watched the movie The Proposal.  It is a nice and funny show. It is touching too.  Lately I have been on a movie marathon.  Thanks to MIO TV, so I can watch the movies anytime I like when I am free.  Craving for strawberry shortcake and managed to buy some strawberry cake from my neighbourhood cakeshop.  It is delicious and sweet.  At least satisfy my cravings.  Gonna buy some strawberry shortcake when I go to town. 

My afternoon tea treat
Pink Guava juice and Strawbery cake

In fact, my long weekends began since last Thursday.  Oh yes, done some shoppings, retail therapy, movies, lunch and doing my DIY manicure.  Bought some nail polish from the Face shop and happily painting my nails. 

My DIY manicure
My skincare products from Nature Republic
Toner, Moisturiser and BB Cream
I have yet to use the BB Cream but the moisturiser is not bad.  It can at least control oil for about 4 hours and helps to minimise pores.  Love the nice smell of this Pore Laser Fluid.  Will use it for a while to see if I wanna continue it or switch to Clarins moisturisers. I am in search of a good moisturiser for oil control since I have combination skin.  Feel free to share with me your good moisturisers if you have combination skin. Thanks.

So far, I have watched the movie Along Came Polly, The Guru and The Proposal.  Let's see what movies I can catch on MIO TV at the comfort of my cosy loft and at my convenience.  I am enjoying my Monday so far and love the simple life.  No hurry, just take my own sweet time. My pace.  However soon gonna be madness and stressup next month because our company's Financial Year end closing and commencing of a new Financial Year.  Lots of budgetting, forecasting and costing to do for fashionably yours.  Nevertheless just wanna rest and relax now while I can and enjoy every moment of it.  Gonna eat my dinner and apple soon. 

My Apple. 
An apple a day, keep the doctor away.

Have a great week ahead everyone.

P.S.  I find nowadays some bloggers hardly update their blogs on a daily basis.  Maybe twitter has taken over bloggings.  Yes I tweet too but I will try to upate my blog regularly. 

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