Friday, July 10, 2009

TGIF - 2nd Friday of July 2009

TGIF. Time to rest and relax after a hectic week at work. Now drinking my hot cup of Lipton tea while I udpate my blog.

Last Tuesday evening fashionably yours finally make time to go for my pedicure session which I totally enjoyed and loved. Told dearie I am so lazy and tired to go for my pedicure session but my dearie told me not to be lazy. Being a good girl and not to be lazy, I make my appointment and went for my pedicure session.

Had my sexy toes painted in a shade of OPI sexy red which I love.

On my way home after my pedi session, fashionably yours was picked up again at Lido. This man wants to get to know me and he approached me and ask where he has met me before, said I looked familiar. However fashionably yours has no impression at all. I declined and walked away after a brief exchange with this man who wants to get to know me. Told dearie about it, who was at that time was drinking with his KL friend who visited Singapore for one night only for a quick hello. Dearie had a good laugh over it and he seems amused by it.

Last Wedneday afternoon fashionably yours and L went to ION Orchard. At first we thought alot of shops have opened but when we reached there, it is only LV at ION Orchard that is open as at now. We shopped at LV at ION Orchard for a while. They have two floors, no lift and more sales staff than customers. Abit cumbersome to climb those staircase in my high heels. They must install a lift inside their store for the tai tais who are mostly wearing high heels. I find it a luxury to have lift inside the luxury store. Cartier and Bvlgari have one inside their store which I find is conveniennt though it is only two floors but you must know your customers are the high end tai tais wearing their high end heels such as Louboutin and Manolo Blahnik. Why make them so tiring by climbing the staircase. Should pamper them and let the tai tais enjoy their shoppings. When they are happy, they will buy more from the store and you make more money. After climbing the staircase, the tai tais may feel so tired and cannot concentrate on their shoppings. Something the retailers should take note of speaking as a true blue shopaholic and the tai tais represenetative.

Now fashionably yours is under the weather and needs lots of TLC and beauty sleep. Guess have been partying and clubbing too hard and not enough time to rest. For now just want to let my body rest, rest, rest and more rest. A quiet weekend to rest and relax to recuperate. I find that beauty sleep is such a luxury to fashionably yours and it is most precious than any other expensive skincare or cream that you can buy. Trust me when you sleep well and enough, you will look very radiant and have good skin, provided you also drink enough h20 too.

Just now had my favourite seafood soup bee hoon for lunch. Yummy.

Fashionably yours has been eating my favourite fruits - banana and guava. Yummy :)

Healthy living and eat healthily. Eat clear soupy foodie, eat lots of fruits and drink lots of healthy fluid (minus the alcohol and liquor) will give you a healthy and slim body. However, if you want to grow fat, then can indulge yourself in lots of fried food and soon your face & body will look fat and ugly.

Looks like the weather is rather cloudy and windy this evening. This makes a nice weather for fashionably yours to take a short nap for my beauty sleep. I have just finished drinking my hot cup of Lipton tea. So now is beauty sleep for fashionably yours which is really a luxury to me. I just want a quiet weekend to rest and relax after partying and clubbing so hard for the past few weeks.

Have a nice weekend everyone

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