Monday, June 1, 2009

Hot, hot, hot weather

OMG ! the weather is terribly hot, hot, hot these few days.

Feeling so so so sleepy today and I am glad I got through this Manic Monday.

The hot, hot, hot Great Singapore Sale is here. Time for more shoppings. The first few days saw lots of consumer rushed to the malls to shop to get good deals. As the GSS will last till July 2009, I think by July 2009, the crowds may not be there. Who has so much $$$ to spend for the whole period of GSS. Times are bad, so people are spending wisely to enjoy the discounts.

Just now fashionably yours passed by Gucci at Paragon. I think Gucci is having sales now so long quene was formed outside the boutique. I was thinking sometimes is it worth to quene up to buy such expensive branded goods, though after discounts some of the branded bags are still in the thousands series. For me I will not quene up to pay for such expensive items. I am spending money on expensive items, why should I quene up to pay for such expensive items. Louis Vuitton is another boutique whereby I often see long quene formed outside the boutique. I think I don't waste my time to quene up to pay for such expensive branded goods. Luckily my two favourite boutiques, that is Chanel and Hermes, have no long quenes. Thus shopping is such a breeze for me at my these two favourite boutiques.

Time to get ready for bed. Good night everyone and sweet dreams :)

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