Sunday, June 7, 2009


The other day bestie and I were at the mall. We saw some men who helped their significant other to carry their handbags. We find it so sissy and had a good laugh at it. Ever saw some men helping their significant other carrying their hello kitty and some flowery girlie handbags. I find that it is so amusing. Don't you think women should carry their own handbags ? If you want your significant other to carry your handbags, might as well don't bring your handbags out. It doesn't look appropriate for a man to carry a lady's handbags, though is just helping them to carry. I don't mind my significant other just helping me to hold my handbag for a second or two while I was busy with say trying a pair of high heels. I will never ask my significant other to help me to carry my birkin and chanel handbags. Cannot trust men to handle properly a birkin, Chanel handbags or any other handbags. They will help you to carry it, then swing here and there, then accidentally bang your handbags, then heartache.

Women cannot trust their men to handle their (branded) handbags and
It is just like men cannot trust their women to handle their cars.
So carry your own handbags ladies, it is supposed to accessorise yourself, not your significant other.

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