Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Hair cut and Japanese dinner

Last Monday met up with Bestie for haircut and followed by Japanese dinner at Suntec.  That day was quite a drama mama day.  Bestie actually make appointment with our hairstylist to cut our hair that day.  When we arrived at the hair salon, we were told that our hairstylist has left for the day.  OMG ! she forgot about our appointment  and went for her facial.  We were hesistating whether to let another hairstylist cut our hair.  After some dilemna, fashionably yours decided to let another hairstylist cut my hair because my schedule was very pack and I have no time to go back another day for our hairstylist to cut my hair.  However bestie decied to go back on last Friday to let our hairstylist cut her hair. 

I quite like the new hairdo which the hairstylist cut for me, especially my fringe.  It is something different and very chic.  A lot of people saw my hairstyle and like it at the office.  Not bad, I found another new hairstylist.  Next time I can let this hairstylist cut my hair if my hairstylist is not available.  At least I have another option.  Found new avenue in times of difficulties.  Hurray !

My new hairstyle

 Our dinner at Ichiban Boshi
My chawan mushi

Wasabi, light soya sauce and pickled ginger

My wagyu beef in soup....Yummy....Oishii deshita

My wagyu beef set that comes with
watermelon, rice, salmon sashimi and miso soup

Bestie fresh sashimi set
Oishii deshita

We ate till very full that night.  I like the salmon sashimi.  One good thing about dining out on a Monday night is the place has less crowd and more attention given by the serving staff.  Served our food very fast and refilled our green tea regularly too.  After our dinner, it was home sweet home because it was late and most of the shops have closed for  the day.  New hair style and yummy Japanese dinner....what else can I ask for.....I am a happy girl.

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