Monday, October 19, 2009

Dinner, Jewel Fest and No need for forever Private Events

Last 2 Friday ago, met up with Bestie in the evening for our yummy dinner at our favourite Royal Copenhengan Cafe and Lounge.  We had our retail therapy done before the dinner. Pictures below show the yummy food we ate :

After we had our dinner, we proceed to attend our first event of the night, which was the Singapore Jewel Fest 2009.  Fashionably yours was invited by the organiser to attend the official opening of the Singapore Jewel Fest.

Bestie and I enjoyed the fashion show, cocktails and canapes at the Jewel Fest. Of course as usual busy clicking away on our digital camera. Met a friend at Jewel Fest too and due to the crowds at the event, fashionaby yours couldn't locate some of my socialite friends who were also there at the event.  Hope to be able to locate my socialite friends at some other events to catch up with them soon. 

After the fashion show had ended that night, bestie and fashionably yours had to rush to our next private event which is also happening at the same time and same night.  I was also invited by Hermes to attend the official opening of No need for forever by artist Rei Sato installation arts exhibition.  It was really very  rush rush for two of us.  However we did enjoy the two private events.

Fashionably yours and the artist Rei Sato
I am  so loving this Hermes tea cup set

In fact, fashionably yours was invited to attend four private events that same night.  However I have to declined the other two private events because it was also taking place at the same time and same night.  If it is back to back, I think I will be able to attend but too bad timing clashed so I can only rush to two private events taking place at the same night and same  time.  Bravo for the two of us rushing from one event to another.  Luckily the venues are just within walking distances and in the same area.  Phew !

The night before these two private events, fashionably yours was also invited to attend the official opening of the Art Festival.  However I had to skip due to work and also to conserve my energy to rush for these two private events which I like very much to attend.  Afterall they are my favourites, bling bling and Hermes.  Seems like I am so popular and on every organisers' guests lists.

Alrighty, so much so for the updates.  Hope your enjoyed viewing the pictures and video.

Have a wonderful week ahead everyone. 

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