Thursday, October 2, 2008

Fantabulous day out and about

Yesterday was a Public Holiday - Hari Raya Puasa, so we were off and not working. Hurray ! Met up wtih Bestie in the afternoon to go to Fash Bash at the Singapore Art Museum. It was crowded when we reached the Glass Hall. Besides going to Fash Bash, we also toured around the musuem since we were already there.
Singapore Art Museum
Fash Bash
I bought a nice necklace from granny's day out at Fash Bash.
Love it.
After we were done with Fash Bash and touring the musuem, we shopped a short while at Raffles City. Shortly Bestie left for home. Thereafter Dan met me for our dinner at Raffles City. The boy was at Sentosa the whole day having fun with his friends in the sun, sand and sea.

Our dinner at Basement 1 and I cannot recall the restaurant name. Think it begins with an A.......something.

My dish - Snapper fillet His dish - Some pasta with bacon
His idea of taking this.......hahaDan with his dish
Me with my dish
Us - Dan and I

The food was so so....we find the mash potato is hard and dry....I cannot finish my food, so the boy helped me to finish Anyway, the company is great and we always have fun together. Excuse me, he just messaged me, going to reply his message now.

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