Monday, October 27, 2008

My Lovely Sunday

My Sunday was kinda of suck initially because fashionably yours lappy was down. Fashionably yours was so moody. It was due to the vista unstability and it gave me the error message Interactive logon failed. Please check with event log, or something like that. I seek help of course with friends. Thanks to bestie and Billy for their help, that my lappy was up around 12 noon on Sunday. Then I was a happy girl blogging away and surfing the net using my lappy. Think it is a common problem with the vista operating system. Thanks bestie and Billy. Greatly appreciated.

On Sunday afternoon, went for retail therapy with bestie at Isetan Scotts. We bought lots of lingerie and I love my new sexy bra from Triumph. I bought so many Triumph products but they never offered me membership till yesterday that I finally become a Triumph member. It was worth the buy because Isetan Scotts have this promotion whereby for every SGD50 nett, customers are entitled to redeem a SGD5 Isetan voucher. So I redeemed SGD10 Isetan voucher yesterday. In fact, I have lots of Isetan vouchers so I paid using my Isetan vouchers and decided to use the balance amount in my receipt to redeem the new Isetan vouchers. I also earned triumph points since I am now a Triumph member. In fact, I had wanted to buy lingerie a few weeks back but due to my very very busy schedule, it was on hold till yesterday when bestie told me about the promotions, so we headed out for our lingerie retail therapy in the afternoon. Both of us are very happy with our lingerie purchases. Besides fashionably yours also bought 2 pens, a pink and black brown colour pen but I think I don't really like the pink colour because it was quite light. I want to buy another two pens tomorrow, maybe the maroon and purple one.

After we were done with our shoppings, our stomach were calling so we took the train to Clarke Quay for our dinner. Actually bestie wants to buy a Japanese Travel magazine but it was out of stock at Kinokuniya bookstore at Ngee Ann City, so we have to travel to Liang Court for the magazine since only Liang Court branch has the last copy. At the same time, can enjoy my card member 20% discount for the card member promotion for 3 days only from 24 Oct to 26 Oct 2008. We met bestie's two colleagues (Parrot man and Melissa) who are a couple at the station and they are also heading to the same place as us, so we chatted and ride on the train together.

When we reached Clarke Quay station, my Mr Big messaged me that he has just finished his training session and is going for dinner with his training friend. We almost wanted to meet up for dinner last night. Then my Mr Big said they are in shorts and flip flops so not coming to Clarke Quay for dinner, which is upscale according to my Mr Big. They wanted to eat at Bugis. We almost wanted to join them but eventually bestie and I decided to dine at Liang Court. Luckily we didn't join them at Bugis, otherwise we will miss the good food at Nirai kanai Okinawan Restaurant at Liang Court.

On a side note, Mr Big and his friend ate Thai food at Thai Place at Bugis while Bestie and I had Japanese food at Liang Court.

here for our delicious and yummilicious foodie. Both of us really like the food at Nirai Kanai Okinawan Restaurant.......rate it 5 stars....full marks.....yummy ! We are smiling all the way home.

Fashionably Yours at the Nirai Kanai Okinawan Restaurant
I really like this sexy dress

All in all, a very lovely Sunday for fashionably yours. Good food, good company and good retail therapy. We always have lots of fun and laughters when bestie and I went out. Yesterday was our Girls day and night out while my Mr Big had his boys day and night out. One thing for sure is I do miss my Mr Big though.....naughty boy !


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