Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Happening week of events

Last week was a very happening week for yours truly. I have so many happening events to attend.

Last Tuesday, was invited to attend the Karen Miller event. Click
here for the photos.

Last Wednesday, went to Fash Bash with bestie at Singapore Art Museum. Click
here for the photos. I bought a nice necklace from Fash Bash. In the night, had dinner with my Dan Dan the blue eye boy. It was nice to see him. He is now in Down Under for business trip and will only be back end of this month. My Dan Dan is so sweet to message me before he board his flight last Saturday night. I kinda of missing him now. Anyway we will chill out again together when he is back here. Thereafter he will be flying out of the country again......he flies around the globe frequently due to his job. I am used to it.....but whenever he is in town, he will definitely look for me and have fun together most of the time. He sometimes will surprise me by appearing infront of me in my office to say hello, see me and talk to me. Oh gosh, Dan Dan, you are always so sweet and nice to me. Sometimes I am so touched by your gestures. Guess we speak the same language and are on the same wavelength. We always have so many things to talk, never ending story.....miss talking to each other into the wee hours.....till our eyes are closing and said good night to each other.

Last Friday was office shifting day.....had lots of fun shifting office and the packing. Last Tuesday, My Dan Dan dropped by to see me in the office and saw my huge number of boxes.

Last Saturday was the most happening day because I have two private events in the afternoon. Followed by I have dinner and clubbing with the man and friends. Attended Banana Republic private event at 2pm on last Saturday. Click
here for the photos and click here for the fashion show video. The male models are so good looking.

Attended alldressedup private event at 4pm on last Saturday. Click
here for the photos. For video, click here and here

All the private events are by invitation only. The free goodies bestie and I received from attending Banana Republic are as follows :

The free goodies bestie and I received from alldressedup event are as follows :-

After the events have ended, Bestie and I shopped at Miu Miu boutique, Prada boutique and Bvlgari boutique, where I sent my ring for servicing. We were attended at Bvlgari's private area.

Bestie and I also had our afternoon tea time at CANALE. I had the strawberry shortcake while bestie had the chocolate cake. Yummy !

In the evening, went to meet the man and friends for our dinner at Clarke Quay. Had Chinese dinner. I had the codyceps Chicken soup. Yummy !

For pictures of our delicious food, click here

Thereafter we proceed to clubbing at Bellini Grande. We enjoyed ourselves so much. Bellini Grande is GREAT ! The company is fantabulous. Loving it. We will go again as the man still has two bottles of liquor there.

Marc said that I enjoy good life like a tai-tai. I always enjoy the good life and tai-tai lifestyle. I work hard and I play hard. The man said my one day of events on last Saturday is more than his activities in a week.

I think I am turning socilalite, being invited to attend so many private events and counting.....

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