Monday, October 6, 2008

Our Interesting conversation at 3am

OMG ! the weekend is over so fast. It has been a happy and happening week for me. Will blog the full details in the later blog. Meanwhile, just sharing something which I find interesting.

This happened at 3am on Sunday morning after Marc and I returned from our clubbing to his condo. Both of us were sitting at his sofa in the hall, watching tv and listening to his favourite music, as we talked.

Our interesting conversation :
Me : I would like to have a pair of Tiffany and Co earrings and a Prada handbag.
Marc : OK, I will do the picking and buy them for you.
Me : Why is it that you are always ok with everything I say.
Marc : Then what do you want me to say ?

The man is always so sweet and nice towards me. He is such a darling. Well, what do you supposed two of us were doing at 3am on Sunday morning which most of you must be sleeping at that hour. Anyway two of us only get to sleep at about 5am on Sunday morning. I slept very well but the man told me he didn't sleep well. I hope he sleeps well tonight. Sweet dreams baby !

Us together - Smiling so happily and sweet together
My larger than life personality man - Marc and I

On a side note, the man is so caring. When I told him my skin on my arms is so itchy (due to my skin allergic condition), he quickly helped me to scratch my arms and took some cream to apply them on my arms. It is better now. Thanks dear.


Eva said...

wow, so lovey dovey❤❤❤

Classiclicious said...

thanks :)