Sunday, October 12, 2008

Happening week of Private Events

What a happening week. I am so involved in the social front for the past few weeks with so many private invitations and events to attend. It was wonderful and enjoyable. Bestie and I were rushing from one events to another. Thanks for all the private invites to the private events, drinks, pastries and the goodies.

I was invited by Coach to attend their Madison Collection Launch on last Thursday. I brought bestie along. Click here for the pictures.

After we were done with the Madison Collection Launch, we rushed to attend another private event on the same night, which was the Longchamp fashion show for their fall/winter collections. Click here for the pictures. Click here and here for the fashion show videos. Enjoy !
I drank a glass of champagne while watching the fashion show at the Longchamp event. Cheers:)

After the Longchamp event ended, bestie and I shopped at the Paragon. We shopped at Bvlgari boutique and we like a Bvlgari handbag but it is in lamb skin which I am poor at maintaining it. Thereafter, we proceed to Takashimaya to shop. We just browsed at the shoes. My favourite heels and shoes are available at On Pedder and of course from my favourite designer Christian Louboutin. Bestie took a snapshot of me while we were at the shoe department.

Both of us were thinking of eating McDonalds Wasabi Fish Set, so we gave it a shot. I like the wasabi fries than the wasabi burger. Enjoying shaking the wasabi powder.

To the organisers, thanks for inviting me to attend the private events. Actually I have 4 private events invitations to attend on Saturday, but I declined them because I feel so exhausted from the past events. One organiser called to invite me to attend their Dior private party, but I don't have time for myself and sleep deprived. Thus gave it a pass.

Excuse me I need my beauty sleep now. Good night and sweet dreams.

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