Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Fashionably Yours Post Long Weekend Life Beyond Work

My Life Beyond Work on Tuesday :

Morning (in the office)
1) Composed and replied emails
2) Answering some phonecalls enquiry
3) Make some phonecalls and done some filing

4) Ate Teochew porridge for lunch at company's cafeteria with Lemon-san
5) Drank and chilled out at Ah Mei's cafe at The Paragon with Lemon-san
6) Shop a little lunch time retail therapy at Kinokuniya Bookstore. Bought 2 pens and browse some books and magazines with Lemon-san.
7) Back to office to work
8) Tea a little. Afternoon tea break with colleagues doing all girlie stuffy and laughing - Bitching, gossiping and updating each other about our long weekends
9) Replied emails and arrow stuffy to other colleagues
10) Ate an apple, which is my fruit of the day
11) Touch up make-up and get ready to knock off.

12) Grocery shoppings at the Market Place at The Paragon, which is fashionably yours favourite mall. Simply love the ambience of grocery shoppings there. It is an experience and lifestyle for fashionably yours.
13) Chilled out and rest fashionably yours sexy feet at Starbucks, drinking my Ice Tall Latte sitting so comfortably at the sofa. Messaged my Mr Big while drinking my latte.
14) Listened to nice music from That CD Shop to unwind.
15) Home Sweet Home
16) Yummy dinner at home
17) Take a nice long hot bubble shower
18) Burn some essential aromatherapy oil in fashionably yours bedroom
19) DIY mask a little. Apply mask on fashionably yours face
20) A good magazine on hand and nice soothing music to relax and unwind.
21) Of course blog a little too.
22) Ate some chocolates and drink some red wine.....Cheers
23) Supper a little, so ate some sushi
24) Remove facial mask and beauty regimen a little. Apply lots of skincare diligently. All the lotions, gel, cream, serum, eye gel and lots of moisturisers. Not forgetting to do firming for fashionably yours neck.
25) Snuggle under the duvet for fashionably yours beauty sleep and sweet dreams.

Fashionably yours is indeed enjoying the high life............RELAXING...........while my Mr Big was so busy working from morning till late night. Actually supposed to go to his apartment on Tuesday night after knocked off from work, but my Mr Big is working late at his office, so fashionably yours ended up at her backyard which is at The Paragon. My Mr Big is a very very very busy man since he is a high flier and has lots of responsibilities. Fashionably yours is the woman behind my successful man, Mr Big.

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