Thursday, October 16, 2008

My life beyond work

There should be life beyond work.....Work is important, so is enjoying life and live life. I know some people daily routine are just work and home....We need a healthy work-life balance. Let me share with you my life beyond work on Wednesday - which was yesterday.

Morning :
1) Read emails at work
2) Read newspaper
3) Prepare reports

Afternoon :
4) Lunch with colleagues at cafe (Drank Pig Stomach Herbal Soup with rice on Wednesday)
5) Coffee & Tea to sip and nibble with colleagues at Killiney Kopitiam. Tea a little for fashionably yours.
6) Banking & lunch time shoppings. Hit the mall - shop a little.
7) Return to office to continue working.
8) IM a little in between with girlfriends, gossips and updates. What's not to love to spice up working life on a lazy and sleepy afternoon at work.
9) Ate an apple. Healthy lifestyle a an apple a day, keep the doctor away.
10) Eat Jollybean Soy Beancurd for my afternoon desserts. Yum ! Yum !

11) Touch-up make-up and get ready to knock off.

12) Hit the nail spa to get a pedicure done. Relaxing !
13) Shop a little after the pedi session.....window shopping on the way home.

Presenting my nicely done Pedicure - Bright Pink Colour by OPI

14) Home sweet home.
15) Opened letter box to receive a private invitation to a high society event (will blog about it after I attended it).
16) Yummy dinner at home
17) Ate some sweet chocolates and drank some red wine - Both are excellent for healthy hearts and hearty appetites.
18) Beauty Sleep and sweet dreams which is a luxury to fashionably yours.

Life is definitely more than work.....One must learn to smell the roses. Feel free to share with me your life beyond work.

Today went to have tea a little with the guys after we had our lunch at Toast Box.

So now I am knocking off work and going to hit the mall to shop a little for some retail therapy. I have an excuse to shop for a new dress for my upcoming high society event. At the same time, to drop by Holland V to catch up with my friends. The night is still young !

On a side note, the man just IM me. He is also working late today as usual. I am calling it a day and there is life beyond work.....I need to get out of the office now.

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