Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Bee's Day

Fashionably yours has a drama mama experience at 1am on Tuesday when most of you were in slumberland. Text the man just now and below are our interesting exchange :

Me : I rec'd love bite from a bee last night at home. A bee stung my left hand last finger. It was so painful that I almost cry and was bleeding. No worries, seen the doctor and was given an antibiotic cream to apply and on medical leave today. Even the bee cannot resist me. I am so sweet. So drama mama.
Him : Why you got bees in your house ? So terrible ! Poor girl !
Me : Think the bee flew into my house through the open windows. I was so scared last night because I was alone. Luckily I am calm enough to apply antiseptice. Hmmm....maybe the bee was hungry last night and was looking for supper. Blur bee thought I am a kind of flower and stung me. So in pain now. Pain Pain go away.

Thanks but no thanks to the bee, I have a day off today.....going to eat my lunch soon and zzzzz on this cooling afternoon....Heard the weatherman said the weather will be cloudy and rain in the afternoon.

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