Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Interesting message between Mr Big and Fashionably Yours R(A)

Below message between Mr Big and Fashionably Yours is a bit R(A), so if you are below 21 years old, please stop reading here. Thanks.

Our interesting message on Sunday Night :

Me : I was so moody last night because my lappy was not working and showing black screen....I screamed so loud, jumping up and down that my friend come out to help me to fix it. Now it is fixed and I am a happy girl.
Mr Big : Glad you fixed your laptop. Why did it die ? I just did some training and now we are going to eat dinner. U been shopping yet ?
Me : Some vistas unstable problem. Where are you going to eat dinner ? We are at Clarke Quay.
Mr Big : Maybe Bugis....Clarke Quay is very upscale. Which restaurant are your eating at ?
Me : Don't know yet. Why don't your join us at Clarke Quay for dinner together.
Mr Big : We are dressed in shorts and flip flops so cannot go to Clarke Quay
Me : OK, we decided to eat Japanese cuisine at Liang Court. Your enjoy your food at Bugis.
Mr Big : OK, we are at Thai Place.
(After we had our dinner, we continued to message each other. Think though we are apart, but our hearts are join together. Will think of each other even when apart. Sounds like Absence makes the heart grow fonder.)
Me : Yes I went shopping with my gf this afternoon. Can you guess what I bought ?
Mr Big : Did you buy fuzzy slippers ?
Me : No, you are supposed to buy the fuzzy slippers. I bought three sexy bra and 2 pen.
Mr Big : You should have tried on the 3 bra for me before buying because I have very good fashion sense for those things !
Me : OK noted. Add that to your list. You will come with me for bra shopping next time. Anyway I bought the most expensive bra. (Mr Big has a long list of stuffy he is supposed to buy for me, yet to see them)
Mr Big : For my list, what is the required bra size ?
Me : Hmmm.......I think it is better for you to find out yourself :)

My Mr Big is so busy and he keeps adding things to his list......I really don't know when he can fulfill his list of stuffy for me. I am worried for his health because he has been working very hard lately. His company is making him work so hard. Think I must be beside him to take good care of him.....maybe I should boil some herbal chicken soup for him.

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