Sunday, October 12, 2008

Girls Night Out On Town

It has been ages since I stepped into Chinatown. I am more of an Orchard Road person. I live, breathe, dine, party, work and shop at Orchard Road most of the time. However it is such a deja-vu for me when I visited Chinatown last Friday. I feel like a tourist while I was there.

I met up with the girls (Bestie, Kai Jun and Si Yin) at Chinatown for our girls night out of karaoke-ING at the Ten Dollar Club which is my virgin visit. I would say it has been ages since I go ktv.....another deja vu for fashionably yours.

It has a nice amibience and we were given a bigger room since all the rooms were fully booked while we were there. We were served shark fins soup, though it may not be the genuine type. We were also served free flow of drinks. They have a wide selection of songs. However, the Jpop were limited. I still like to frequent diamond dust whereby it has a wide selections of jpop. I mainly sing jpop and english songs with some chinese songs. That night we sang lots of songs from canto pop to chinese songs and jpop. Everyone of us had so much fun that night. It is alright if we cannot sing well, most important is everybody have fun because we are not professionally trained singers. Girls just wanna have fun !

The website of ten dollar club is

If you know of any nice KTV places, feel free to share it here with me. Thanks.

here for our KTV session pictures.

After we were done with our KTV session, we adjourned for a chat at McDonald before we called it a night. We have so much laughters and fun chit chatting. We laughed our heads off and it was so fun fun fun fun...........I love chatting with the girls and doing the girlie stuffy. Very enjoyable night out on town with the lovely girls.....let's go out again and have more fun fun fun fun !

Thanks for the lovely company.......loving it.....we can chat and laugh non-stop the whole night that makes me feel really really high high.......If we have some liquor, think I will be super super high high with so much laughters.

I would say I have a deja vu weekends of fun. Well have a beautiful Sunday night everyone before starting work tomorrow which is a Monday. Have a nice week ahead.

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