Monday, September 15, 2008

Sleepy Monday and relaxing Pedi Session

Had a long day today.....busy at work and in the evening indulge myself for my monthly pedicure session. It was lovely and had my toes painted in a shade of OPI Red. Will post picture asap of my nicely done pedicure....Oh met one Hong Kong celebrity during my Pedicure session just now. However I don't know her well because I don't really listen to Mandarin song. She is part of a Chinese group something 2R sisters......I am sure those of you who are into Mandarin music may know who she is. She was there to do her manicure. From my understanding she has a cover shoot tomorrow for a local English Magazine. Wow ! I had my pedicure done today with a Hong Kong celebrity sitting next to me. Feel so honoured. Heard she is close friend with Aaron Kwok, the Hong Kong famous singer.

For 2R information, click here

On a lighter note, am happy to see my friend Dan today. He just came back from his short weekend getaway from Bintan with his group of friends - 2 Singaporeans, 1 German and two Danish....He was at this Yasan Resort or something.....very close to nature....Poor Dan's leg was bitten by mosquitoes. They had some water sports there. Think he enjoyed himself so much that he stayed up late till 4am last night to prepare slides for his 9.30am presentation this morning, He told me he was so sleepy when I met him this too very sleepy today.

Just received his sms message, told me he just ended his Chinese lesson and on his way home. HIs bed is only a short walk away.....Both of us are so sleepy today and I had a blur vision day.... will talk about it in the next blog.

We are going to our bed soon.....Nitey nite everyone !

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