Monday, September 22, 2008

Itchy Bitsy Day. Urgh !

It is such a itchy bitsy day for yours truly today.....scratching left, right, top, bottom, front, behind and everywhere of my body.....I have skin allergic and so itchy. I think I need extra hands to help me to scratch. Who wants to help me to scratch my itchy body.

It starts to itch since Sunday afternoon and get worse last night. I am sensitive to heat and have sensititve skin so gets itchy. I think the weather for the last few days was extremely hot, so kinda of give me some heat rash as well with my skin allergic condition.

I find that when I feel warm and hot, my body will feel itchy. I need to stay in a cool place for now. My Personal doctor aka my Mr Big ask me to move to Alaska but that will be too cold for me....maybe San Francisco is a nice weather place for yours truly to stay. So nice of him to keep me company during my itch and provides lots of information to me just now. Greatly appreciated. I feel so nice cos you are with me, despite your very hectic and busy schedule. Glad I did learn alot from you and gain new knowledge.So interesting. Thank God for sending you to my life.

For the time being, I better stay out of the sun, be under the shade and stay at cooling places.

It is such a itchy, bitsy day for me....Urgh....need to scratch here and there. Itch itch please go away and don't ever come back again.

On a side note, supposed to meet up with Bestie today but due to my skin allergic, I gotta stay indoor. Sorry. I cannot go outside to scare people with my itch and they will be scared to see me scratching my body everywhere. I feel so tired from the itchiness, maybe scratching too much and feel very miserable and irritated. Luckily My Mr Big cheered me up just now. Kind of bring a curve to my face. However I would prefer to be out and about than to be itchy with the skin allergic. It happens so sudden.

Yeah the cure is I need to stay indoors and be near the fan. I can feel that my skin allergic is improving though on and off still itchy when I feel hot.

Praying that my skin allergic condition will be gone by tomorrow and I want to be out and about. I miss the outdoors' activities and have lots of errands to run.


Eva said...

I think it is the expired medicated oil which you used on Friday night to cause this itch. Or maybe it is part of the causes... Take care!

Classiclicious said...

ok thanks. Will buy a new bottle of medicated oil soon.