Friday, September 26, 2008

TGIF and The 2008 Formula 1 SingTel Singapore Grand Prix

It is TGIF.....finally the weekend is here.....yippee....I have so many things to do despite my skin allergic. It was raining cats and dogs this morning and caused lots of traffic jam and water ponding, thus many people were late for work. How I wish today is my off day so that I can snuggle in bed in the rainy morning weather. Unfortunately gotta get myself out of bed and rushed to work in this heavy rain with my brolly.

Next Friday people in my current floor will be shifting office to another floor temporarily for about 2 months, while our current floor will be undergoing renovation. Hence, many of us were busy packing our belongings and documents these few days. Threw away lots of old stuff too and we were kinda of having a packing party. As we packed, we tend to dig out old stuff and some memory came flooding back. Then we talked about it among our group and laughed at the good old times. Such joy of packing together. I kinda of becoming a professional packer soon and surrounded by tons of boxes. As at now, I would say 75% of my stuff are packed, shall continue packing next week. It is so tiring to pack. I have packed alot of boxes, will be exceeding 10 boxes soon.

In fact, since I joined my current company, I have shifted many many times and is a pro in shifting office. I can evacuate anytime. Ever ready to shift. My history of shifting :

From 11th floor shifted to 7th floor
From 7th floor shifted back to 11th floor
From 11th floor shifted to 9th floor
From 9th floor shfted to 10th floor (current floor)
From 10th floor going to shift to 7th floor (next Friday)
From 7th floor, to shift back to 10th floor (after renovation around Nov 08)

Impressive of my shifting ? Some of my colleagues are confused which floor I am station at due to my frequent shifting of office.

Besides packing stuffy in the office today, I also had tea with Lemon-san at Ah Mei cafe at The Paragon during our lunch break. We also shopped at HMV, Kinokuniya bookstore and Bengawan Solo during our lunch break. Lemon-san bought a CD from HMV and a Banana cake from Bengawan Solo. Yours truly bought Shape Magazine - Oct 2008 issue at Kinokuniya bookstore.

Shape Magazine - Oct 2008 issue

It is always fun and enjoyable chilling out with Lemon-san. We sit beside each other cubicle at work, eat lunch together, have tea together and can talk anything under the sun. Soon these will be our sweet memory because after office renovation, we will not be sitting beside each other at work. Due to re-org, I am now from VP office and will be sitting with what my colleague say High Profile people. If we can sit together after our office reno, of course we would like to sit beside each other. However, we still can have lunch and tea/coffee together, with my other wonderful buddies too. We are still working on the same floor, just that we are not sitting beside each other cubicle. We are gonna to miss those good old days by then down the road.

Lemon-san is so funny today and he makes me laugh so hard. We were having lunch at our usual place just now. As I was approaching our table with my food, Lemon-san talked to me.

Our interesting conversation :

Lemon : Just now I called you on your mobile phone, how come you cannot recognised my voice ?

Me : I did not receive your phone call. Did you call the right person ?

Lemon : Oh no, don't tell me I called the wrong girl just now. Let me check my mobile phone. 9XXXXXXX. This one is not your number.....Oh no ! who did I call and talk to just now. When I called just now, I said Hello, I am Lemon. Do you want to come to XXXX ? Then the girl said, where is XXXX and come for what ? I am surprised when the girl said that. I thought you cannot recognised my voice.....Luckily I did not say my real name and call using another mobile phone number. So she doesn't know who is Lemon......luckily.....hahaha......

Jon-san and I were laughing so hard at Lemon-san when he told us this just now. Lemon-san is so blur. He wanted to call me but dial a wrong number and spoke to another girl. Oh my blurry Lemon-san, he sounded so disappointed when he asked me if i cannot recognised his voice. Of course, I can recognise your voice if you dial my mobile phone number, but you dialed a wrong number. hahahhahahaa.......

The 2008 Formula 1 SingTel Singapore Grand Prix kicks off on 26 Sep 2008. F1 races is on 26, 27 and 28 Sep at the Marina Bay Street Circuit. I would like to attend to gain exposure but I have no tickets so can only watch it shown on TV. My F1 vocabulary consists of Lewis Hamilton, Kimi Raikkonen, Ferrari, BMW and Porshe. I am more of a beauty, fashion and shopping kinda of person. Not so good on F1 knowledge. Yuan-san is so lucky that he has a free ticket to watch the practice round on 26 Sep 2008. The event commenced at 1400 hour till midnight. Yuan-san told me it provides guests with tea, dinner and supper. I am sure Yuan-san had a good time at the F1. He will show me pictures he took at F1.

The qualifying round is on 27 Sep 2008 and The actual race is on 28 Sep 2008. For more information, click here

Have a nice weekend everyone. Do catch F1 on TV Channel 5.

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