Thursday, December 25, 2008

Good food, good company and good stuffy

Last Monday met up with Bestie for downtown shoppings. It was so crowded though it was a Monday afternoon. Seems like a Friday than a Monday. Anyway we fought with the crowds who were doing their last minute shoppings. Fashionably yours bought my Magazines and it was long lines at Bookstore Kinokuniya since they are having their 20% discount storewide.
Womens' Weekly - January 2009 issue
Free Gift - Year 2009 calendar Her World - Januay 2009 issue

Free Gift - Pouch

The free calendar comes with The Women's Weekly - January 2009 issue while the free red pouch comes with Her World - January 2009 issue. This Her World free gift is exclusively only available in Bookstore Kinokuniya.

In the evening, had sumptuous dinner with bestie at Sun at CHIJMES. They have the 50% off all Sashimi at CHIJMES promotion. We love their Otoro and Sashimi. Yummy. The promotions ended on 22nd December 2008 which was last Monday. Fortunately we make it in time for the promotions. Good services and nice ambience. We will go back to dine again. Highly recommend to friends to dine there for their fresh Sashimi. I love to eat fresh Sashimi.
Fresh Sashimi

Our Hokkaido Ramen

Our table

Sesame pudding cake

Fashionably yours is happy with her shopping feeds at Hermes last Monday. I came out from the boutique with an orange bag in my hand. Will be back to shop at Hermes. I love Hermes.

Presenting my Hermes twilly

While fashionably yours was trying out the twilly at the boutique, there was this gentleman who was eyeing my this piece of nice twilly. I think he wants to buy a twilly for his love ones. Too bad this is the only piece left at the boutique. It is sold to me.

I am a happy girl with my Hermes twilly.....Yippee !

Well, what can I asked for.....Good food, good company and good quality stuff on hand. Life is beautiful......counting my blessings. Thank God for everything and praise the Lord. Amen.

P.S. Note to myself, must buy pressie for my big.....because we promise each other before he left for the big apple.

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