Monday, December 8, 2008

Rainy Monday

It is rainy day which is a good day for fashionably yours to stay indoor. It is so cumbersome to carry the brolly and let my sexy leg get wet while walking in the rain. Anyway I have an enjoyable indoor day snuggling at home in this nice and cooling weather burning my aromatherapy essential oil - Lavender. Love the smell as it exudes from my burner.

My yummy hot fish soup for lunch

Thereafter drank my favourite hot beauty tea

My DIY manicure, very pampering

Have my fashion feeds

Fashionably yours loves to stay home recently because my room is so cosy and I am surrounded by things I love. I wanted to get away from the crowds especially in town whereby I have to fight with the traffic and human jam. Many people crowds at Orchard Road to see the Christmas Lights Up and taking pictures. My aromatherapy burner looks like my small fireplace in my room. Feels so warm and cosy. Loving it..........and of course I have nice music playing from my favourite radio station......Life is GREAT even staying indoor.
My aromatherapy burner cum small fireplace

However fashionably yours also like to be out and about to shop, party, clubbing and chill out with friends. I think it needs some balance of indoor and outdoor lifestyle. I feel good and GREAT. I did not see Mr Watermelon today because it is raining the whole day and it is not safe to cycle in the rain.....nice weather to stay indoor to do indoor thingy.


Billy Chua said...

Agree today is a wet day. A nice day for me to recover from the sores...

I have updated my blog do visit and u have fun with facebook.

Classiclicious said...

OK. I am so proud of you for your Marathon. Will read your blog shortly. I am so busy with 2 blogs and facebook. Are your pictures in your blog and facebook the same ?