Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Shifting Office

Today is the official day for shifting office from our temporary office to our newly renovated office. Fashionably yours have shifted lots of my own stuff yesterday, so today is basically the heavy and bulky boxes which needs the strong contractor to move them. I am operational ready by last night with my PC fully set up and nicely arranged desk with my stationeries. Everyone is so busy shifting and getting so tired. However most of them are operational ready by this afternoon.

The contractor is so cute that he said I am the most beautiful and prettiest lady on our floor....He must be mersmerised by me that he moved and stacked my boxes in the storeroom nicely. He did mine first, then did for my colleague J-san. J-san said he attended to beautiful lady first and ignored hers....haha....J-san told the contractor that fashionably yours is beautiful everyday. Anyway this contractor knows my name and remembered me because the last time he also shifted my stuff when we were shifting to our temporary office. Guess men are generally visual, they like beautiful women and they remember them better. It is human nature to like to see beautiful things too. I also like beautiful things.

Still receiving lots of comments from other colleagues that they like my cubicle area as it is very cosy, exclusive and privacy. I like my cubicle area too. Thank God for the nice cubicle area.

Besides office shifting, Lemon-san and fashionably yours had tea at The Paragon during lunch hour. We also dropped by HMV at Heeren to browse CDs and listen to CDs. Of course, we yak and yak and talk anything under the sun.

All in all, a wonderful shifting office Wedneday and nice hanging out with Lemon-san.

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