Friday, December 19, 2008

Lovely night out on town

TGIF.....The festive seasons is mood and holi holday....It is holi holidaze for fashionably yours. The weather is cooling today. Actually supposed to be out and about in town today but due to fashionably yours have been sleeping so much of my time, that alot of things are piling up, so have to stay at home to get things going. Had a wonderful time yesterday with a wonderful man. He is so sweet to me and is spoiling me.

We first met on this Alkaff bridge at Robertson Quay. This is such a beautiful and colourful bridge.

The Alkaff Bridge (Art Bridge)

We had dinner at the Zen Japanese Restaurant. We love to eat Japanese food especially the fresh sashimi. Z’en Japanese Cuisine (205 River Valley Road #01-75 UE Square),
The Z'en Japanese Cuisine
The salad

The very fresh sashimi, our green tea and sake Tempura

It has nice atmoshpere and lots of Japanese were dining there. After we are done with our Japanese food, we went for our drinks and desserts at Le Amis’s Canelé Pâtisserie Chocolatier (11 Unity Street, Robertson Walk #01-09). Love this place and the chocolates.

His Almond Hot Chocolate's Drink

The Classic Hot Chocolate drink (a must try) which fashionably yours had

He was telling me this is so cute and he also likes to drnk this
Chocolate & Strawberry ice cream (Yummy)

Both of us were so full, so we strolled around Clarke Quay and dropped by the AQUA party. Wanted to say Hi to our friend Alex, but he was not in at that point of time when we were there. So we continued strolling.

We were yearning for a glass of red wine so we dropped by The Wine Connection at 11 Unity Street#01-06 Robertson Walk Singapore 237995.

Our Petit Noir Wine

I like the wine at The Wine Connection. Petit Noir is light and I enjoyed it. So we just sipped our wine, chatted and laughed a lot till the wee hours.

We also chatted alot of things and we had very good discussion with each other which is good, so that we can understand each other. In other words we communicate alot.

All in all we enjoyed each other company with nice food - Japanese food, Chocolate drinks and end our night with wine....We both love to drink wine.

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