Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Spa, retail therapy, and fashionably yours fruit salad

Yesterday fashionably yours had a day of tai-tai lifestyle. Chauffeured to town in my favourite SLK. So stylo mylo.......After lunchie with the dude, went for my spa session at The Paragon - my favourite shopping mall. The massuer was so happy to see me, after so long. Had a full body massage and facial done. Feel so rejuvenated and refresh after my spa session.

Feeling hungry, so drop by The Coffee Club for a cuppa of Ice Latte and a piece of hazelnut cake. Yummy ! love the hazelnut cake. So coincident, met Ann, who is in town with her sister-in-law and niece who were having their desserts at The Coffee Club too. Thus say Hi to them. Ann look so beautiful in person and so stylish.....love her Chanel bag. Ann, nice meeting you and happy to see you in town. See you around. Hope next time can meet Jack together with you too.

My Ice Latte

My Yummy Hazelnut cake

So after filling the stomach, it is time to shop till you drop. It was so breezy to shop at Orchard Road yesterday. It was not so crowded, no human jam and no traffic jam. Had lots of full attention from the sales staff.

A little nice pink box wrapped in nice ribbon
(was thinking to use the ribbon to wrap myself and give to big since he requested me to tie in riboon and present to him as his Christmas gift......lol)
It is my pair of Brenda Inc's earrings

Bought my Clarins skin care products

Closed Up of my Clarins skin care products

Clarins FREE gift

since I bought above SGD150

Bought this MAC VIVA Glam lipstick

(100% proceeds will go to the Children foundation)
Shopping for a good cause & makes a difference to someone's life
it may not mean much to you
but it means alot to the children

Received this Christmas gift from my SIL. Thanks.

After my retail therapy, fashionably yours went home a happy girl. Feels so happy with my purchases :) Actually saw a pair of nice pair of black ferragamo heels which cost SGD1,030. It is about 4 inch high. Will think about it, wanted to take a look at the Manolo Blahnik heels another day first.

Today fashionably yours just chilled out at home, drinking beer and munching some tidbits. Shall let the pictures do the talking :
Strawberry from Korean
They are real sweet

Eating fashionably yours favourite home make fruit salad
(peach, strawberry in cranberry juice)
Fashionably yours home make fruit salad
(peach,strawberry and apple in cranberry jucie)

The fruit salad is yummy. Try it when you can. I also run some errands at Holland Village this afternoon. Nice to chill out this way......need to enjoy whatever balance there is in my vacation, before it is back to work on this Friday, though it is work one day and rest two days over the weekend. Tons of work waiting for me in the office......it is good too because I still have a job and income. Think need to slowly orientate myself this Friday. First for a start, I need to learn to wake up early and not to wake up at 12noon, as in my long vacation. I shall start doing this tomorrow, the last day of 2008, New Year Eve.
How are you going to spend your New Year Eve ? I think it is just a normal day, just take it easy, nothing special, just changing of new calender, in a twist of finger, 2009 is here soon. I can hear it, 2009 is coming closer now.
Wishing everyone a happy new year eve, whatever you are doing :) Enjoy the last day of 2008.

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