Wednesday, December 31, 2008

New Year Eve - Last day of 2008

Today marks the last day of 2008.....the last sheet to tear from the calendar and will be replacing by a new calendar year 2009. Praying that 2009 will be a better year for everyone. May there be Joy, Peace, Love and happiness for everyone.

Opened the letter box just now and was glad to receive something from Fancl. It is so sweet of them.

Package from Fancl
Even printed my name on the journal

Beautiful lines for fashionably yours to scribble my thoughts on them

Also chatted with big just now....he can't wait to come back to count down with me tonight. That got to take him 18 hours of flight to reach here, so he said he is so sad he will miss it. He sounds restless. His work is never ending and recession proof but he is coping it well. As long as he is fine, I am happy for him.
Supposed to meet up with M just now for coffee, but he has a last minute notice, so got to rush for it. Will meet up with him another day then. I know he can't wait to see me too. Just spoke to him too. He said will ring me back later :)
Enjoy the last few hours in 2008 and then it is time to sing Auld Lang Syne.
I am drinking beer while blogging. Cheers :)

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