Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Count down, count up, count money

Most of you will be somewhere counting down to the new Year 2009 tonight. Fortunately I don't have to squeeze with the crowds downtown or at clubbing tonight. The bungalow next to my house is having a Private Countdown House Party tonight. I can hear the DJ spinning the music, blasting so loud, the full stretch of neighbourhood can party together till the wee hours. I cannot beat them, so I will join them in the Private Countdown House Party later. In fact, the whole neighbourhood can also join in because it will go on till around 3 to 4 am. It's Party and private party ! Thanks to my bungalow's neighbour for being so kind. We can all party together. When the party ended, we just walk home, no traffic and no human jam.

Just now was talking to Billy and asking him where he will be doing the countdown to Year 2009 tonight. Then something interesting happen which fashionably yours want to jot it down here. I told Billy I don't like countdown party. I would prefer to count money and make sure it is count up and up and up......My occupational hazard........I am a very practical person though I splurge at times and enjoy life. However I will do trade off and do my calculations.

Times are bad, so every cents count and looks like the economy is not going to be any better in need to tighten our belts. Of course hoping the recession to be over soonest possible.

Wherever you are tonight doing the countdown, have fun and enjoy yourself. Be sober, do your calculations, spend wisely before burning a big hole in your bank account. That's the last thing you wanna do to yourself as you close your chapter in 2008. Be good to yourself and do yourself a good favour to have a good ending to your 2008 chapter.

Toast to a wonderful year in 2009 and a new chapter is beginning soon for everyone who starts at the same timing. It is up to you to weave your chapters in 2009.


Billy Chua said...

Yup next year I have to count coins and notes prudently. Spend wisely but I don't think i will save the registration fees for running.

Happy New Year

Classiclicious said...

Happy and blessed new year Billy :)You can start counting your coins and notes now.