Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Blue Sky Day

What is blue sky day ?  It is not describing the sky is blue.  Blue Sky Day is the term used for a day of the week when employees do not stay late at work so they can have personal and family time.

Most people stay late at work nowadays and some even has to bring their work home to do.  This is eating into their personal time, not to mention leave work on the dot to have personal and family time.  Fashionably yours most days are dark sky days because I leave my office when the moon and stars are out in the dark sky. At least cooling to leave office when the sun has knocked off.   Thank God my job doesn't eat into fashionably yours personal time.  It would be good to have a day of blue sky day.  For me at least most Friday can be blue sky day for now, which I try to leave my office on the dot on Friday while the sky is still bright.

Hope everyone has blue sky day everyday or at least a day of the week.  Work hard and party harder.  We all need that blue sky day for personal and family time. 

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