Monday, December 7, 2009

Magazines and fashionably yours updates

Last week bought 2 magazines from Kinokuniya bookstore since cardmembers can get 20% discount.

CHIC Magazine

FREE GIFT - Julie Hewett Lip balm and SGD5 Springfield voucher 

Close Up of Julie Hewett Lip balm (worth SGD30)

HER WORLD magazine with free calender

The weekend come and go so fast....sigh....It is Monday again and fashionably yours have been very busy at work lately. Usually year end I am very busy.  Have been burning midnight oil last week for a few nights and in bad shape that I need lots of beauty sleep over the weekend.  Now at least recharge and ready for another week which is also hectic and tough both the home and work front....I am so stressful that I have a big pimple on my neck near the jawline.  I think people will mistaken it as a love bite....OMG !

OK time for fashionably yours to go to bed.  Thanks for reading my blogs and support given.

Have a nice week ahead everyone and take care.

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