Thursday, December 31, 2009

Happy New Year Eve

It is New Year eve today, the last day of 2009.  Fashionably yours is here blogging to update the happenings before 2010 arrives.  We need to clear all our backlog before the new year arrives.

I enjoyed my festive seasons holiday break and very relaxing.  The last 2 days was Girls Days Out with bestie and very fun.  Lots of retail therapy and food. 

My new sandal purchased from Far East Plaza

Our favourite dining place

Our table
with our soup of the day which is tomato soup

My maincourse
Cod fish

Bestie's salmon salad

The second day of our retail therapy was fruitful because bestie bought her Ferragamo Vera pump. In fact, I think we bought more shoes this time round.  The first day bestie bought 2 pair of shoes at a good discount and I bought my sandal and a pair of black high heels at a good discount.  We are shoes addict.  We wanted to buy clothes but ended up with more shoes purchased.  We love shoes.  Actually I wanted to buy Ferragamo heels but they do not have my size in the colour I like, so I skipped.  Everywhere is having sales now and so crowded at Orchard Road.  Zara sales has just started so still can shop. I haven't been to Zara sales yet but will try to make time for it...think next week most probably.  

On the second day of our retail therapy, fashionably yours bought a nice red dress while bestie bought a nice black blouse.  We had lots of fun and laughters at the fitting room.  One of the lady seek my fashion advise at the fitting room and I happily gave which she appreciated very much. I am glad she trusted me and appreciated my efforts.  It makes my day.  OMG ! I am not only bestie's fashion and stylist consultant, I have new clients now.  I love fashion. 

We had dinner at The soup spoon

My mushroom soup

My tofu salad

Have been eating lots of salad of late. I love eating salad and so healthy.  I want to be eco friendly and reduce my carbon footprints on earth.  Therefore, please don't consume so much meat, especially beef.  Let's do our part to save the earth.

This is my shoppings for the last few days
3 boxers from Watson
Fancl wasing powder
Eye lash curler from sasa
Dior lipstick
Dior lipgloss

It is New Year Eve today, the last day of 2009. 10 yrs have zoomed past. I remembered 10yrs ago today was busy with Y2K project, everyone is geared up for the cut-over, camped overnight at office to ensure no errors after the date run from 1999 to 2000 in the computer system. Looking back, what have you done in the past 10 yrs ? Have you grown to be a better person? Reflecting time. Happy New Year Eve everyone. 

P.S.  Thanks to my reader for the support all these years...will blog more updates.  Cheers :)


*Bryan Gan* said...

happy new year to u.

Bryan Gan cheers

Classiclicious said...

Hi Bryan
Happy New Year to you too. Cheers :)