Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Wonderful Monday

It was so quiet in the office on Monday because alot of my colleagues were on leave. I received so many "Out of Office" auto-reply when I emailed out. Not much disturbance and I can cleared my work smoothly. It started with a cheerful note because received gifts from Jaz who just came back from her holiday in Maldives. Thanks Jaz.

Dilmah Tea (Blackcurrant flavour) courtesy from Jaz

Another gift inside the box.
What is it ?

Back view of the box

It is a pair of beautiful earrings, all the way from Maldives.
Love it. Courtesy from Jaz. Thanks Jaz.

Next was the chocolates, all the way from US, which Val offered to me.

I am the first person she offered to. It is the See's Chocolates. Yummy.

Captured the Patchi chocolate (which I will blog in a separate blog)

Along Orchard Road on Monday afternoon

My lunch time retail therapy at
The Borders @ Wheellock place

What is inside the black Borders bag ?

Presenting my 2 new novels

which I bought using the 25% discount coupon

chasing harry winston


Lauren Weisberger

Late Night Shopping


Carmen Reid

I dropped by Marks & Spencer after I am done with Borders.

What is inside the green Marks & Spencer bag ?

A bottle of Bordeaux Red Wine

Organic Fairtrade pure china citrus green tea

Happily drinking my hot organic fairtrade pure china citrus green tea
In the evening, I saw him twice. I like to see him looking very serious and hardworking at work. I like to see the serious man at work. It kinda of make them look very man to me. He is so tan. I guess he went for some sea sports over the weekends. Anyway he is a sporty man from the first day I knew him. We locked eyes from afar, we did not talk because he was very busy at work talking to some contractors, giving instructions, with some major project events, coming soon......It is not easy being a high flyer. Seeing him somehow makes me feel so happy.
I love when you do that hocus pocus to me.
The way that you touch, you've got the power to heal.
You give me that look, it's almost unreal. It's almost unreal.
My Monday starts and ends with a happy note. Loving it. Thank God for all these happiness you give to me. I want and wish it is this way everyday. Amen.

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