Monday, August 4, 2008

So Chocolate-ty

Woo......hoooo........It is so chocolate-ty is chocolates everywhere from morning till dusk.......Eating chocolates can make one feel happy so today I don't any have Monday blues.

Presenting Chocolates from the States (Compliments from Val). Thanks Val.
Hershey's is my favourite. Yummy and so happy.

Presenting chocolates from Down Under.....all the way from Sydney. (Compliments from Jimmy). Thanks Jimmy. M & M is also my favourite. Yummy & so happy.
Of course also thanks for the mint chocolate biscuits and lemon & spicy potatoes chips from Sydney too. Yummy:)

On a Happy note, today I become a Beauty Ambassador. Stay tuned for more updates coming. Bookmark my blog and check it out.

Life is beautiful.

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