Saturday, August 16, 2008

Friday Olympics and Aji Tei

It was so exciting just now. Most of us gathered at the company's lobby to watch the ladies' table tennis match between Singapore and Korea in the evening. We cheered whenever Singapore strike.....Can see both side of the players were very pressurised just now. In the end, Singapore beat Korea and will be bringing either the silver or gold medal back. Glad Singapore table tennis is bringing back a medal in the Olympic games. Singapore will play against China on Sunday. So exciting...must watch this match on Sunday.....all eyes will be glued to the TV for this Sunday match.

For details, read here

Met up with Eva-san in the evening. We went to Kinokuniya .I bought

Her World magazine - Sep 2008 issue.

Eva-san bought 2 Chinese books. Oh we got to know a make up artist Eugene at Kinokuniya just now. He bought two Chinese magazines for his make up references. He borrowed my membership card to enjoy the 10% discount. We exchanged contacts with each other just now. OMG ! can get to know new friend at the bookstore, so simple just like that. When we were done with our books and magazines, we ate dinner at

Eva's tomato rice bento set

My beef curry rice bento set
Our table
We ate this Smooth Soya milk pudding for our desserts
Overall the bento set tasted delicious. Yummy ! We shopped at The Cold Storage before we went home sweet home.
Great chilling out with Eva-san on a Friday night. We have lots of fun and laughters together. It is another Girls' nite out on town, out and about. Yippee !

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