Sunday, August 24, 2008

Magazines and rainy Sunday

Magazines that I bought recently :

Vanilla - Aug 2008 issue
Free gift, a bag, that comes with Vanilla - Aug 2008 issue
Her World - Aug 2008 issue
With magazines - September 2008 issue
BAZAAR - September 2008 issue
Simply Her - September 2008 issue
Love reading all these fashion and beauty magazines. OMG ! It has been a rainy weekends. Nice and cooling weather. I have my magazines to read while drinking my hot cup of tea, burning my essential oil and with nice music playing from the radio........rather relaxing weekends.....loving it. It is so troublesome to go out on this rainy day. One needs to open the brolly, get yourself wet in the rain since the roads are wet and slippery and traffic jam everywhere. Ideally is to stay home to enjoy this nice and cooling weather, snuggle under the duvet and catching up on lots of beauty sleep on this rainy Sunday afternoon. I also love to watch the rain falling pitter patter from my a waterfall and listen to the rhythm of the falling rain. it is fantastic with such simple life and the joy it brings.

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