Sunday, August 24, 2008

Japanese Buffet Dinner - 22.08.08 Friday

Met up with bestie, Eva-san for Japanese buffet dinner on last Friday at Mino Q Japanese Restaurant & Sushi Bar

This restaurant is frequent mostly by the Japanese. While we were there last Friday night, there were not many customers besides two groups of Japanese customers who were dining there together with us. One group was sitting beside us and the other group was seated in their tatami private room. We enjoyed our dinner though we find that somehow their quality of food has dropped compared to last time. It is still eatable but the sashimi could have been fresher.

We dined and chatted happily anything under the moon while sipping our green the girlie stuffy we chatted and shared. All in all, good food and good company. This makes our fun and wonderful girls night out in town that ended with a high note and a nice start to our weekend.

In fact, my weekend is so happening with the launch of 3G apple iphone at work, filled with so much excitment and fun with my colleagues. The hardwork behind the scene is worth it and well done my dear colleagues, both the backend and frontline support rendered. Also passed some apple iphone goodies to Eva-san and glad she likes it.

For our yummy Japanese foodie pictures, click here

Have a nice week ahead everyone.

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