Sunday, August 10, 2008

Happening 08.08.08 Friday 08.08.08 - Friday is really happening.....well so many things to update.

First I went for lunch at Cafe Cartel at City Hall with the guys - Edwin, Jon, Lemon, Rex, Yuan, Seng and Aibo. Yummy pork ribs. Nice food and lovely company.

In the evening, was invited by Dior to attend their private event by invitation only - Dior Garden Party. I extend the invitation to bring bestie - Eva along to attend this private event together. We have so much fun attending this event.

here for pictures of the Dior Private Event. It is the launching of the Dior Miss Dior Cherie Blooming Bouquet perfume.

After we are done with the Dior private event, went to Kinokuniya to buy books using my member card to enjoy 20% discount. Actually Eva wants to buy a Chinese book to lend her support to her friend who has published her book. Pictures of the book shown below is courtesy sponsored by Eva.

Please support by buying this book. I have not read this book but I am sure it is an interesting book. You can browse it at Kinokuniya bookstore before deciding if you wanna buy it. I am just helping a friend to promote this book and no obligations.

We proceed to our favourite Royal Copenhagen Tea Lounge Restaurant for our sumptuous dinner. We love to chill out there with good food, fine dining, good company and good ambience.

Click here for the foodie pictures.

I had a very enoyable Girl Night out on town on last Friday - 08.08.08.....what a nice number combination. I too had a very enjoyable time chilling out with the guys over lunch out on town on last Friday 08.08.08.

Good food, nice company on a nice number combination day - 08.08.08. What else can I ask for ? Life is beautiful indeed. Hope you have an enjoyable and wonderful 08.08.08 too....feel free to share with me how your day was on 08.08.08.

On a side note, 08.08.08 is also the Opening of the Olympic Games at Bejing, China at 8.08pm. I believe by now a lot of people are catching most of the sports events on TV. I watched some too.

Also wishing Singapore Happy 43rd Birthday on 9 August 08. In view of the Public Holiday falls on a Saturday, most company will credit their staff one day of annual leave, off-in-lieu for those working 5-day work week. However some company is closed on Monday, in view of the Public Holiday falls on last Saturday. Thus I think some of you must be off on Monday and have a long weekend. For me, I will be working on Monday and will be taking my off-in-lieu another day. I am happy I have an extra day of annual leave. Yipppee !

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